How to get your self scam free

Get out from under Internet scams and start living!

Where scammers will actually leave you alone – it’s a new book!

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Getting some interesting Internet Scams research done this week.

And I ran across this great new book by Dr. Worstell, “Get Your Self Scam Free”

As well, you can get these lessons on video, podcast and presentation.

Great to have this little book come out. A breakthrough, actually.

Have a great time with these.

The great thing is that they can be used for far more stuff than you would imagine. Like difficulties with any other bully in your life: attorneys, government, insurance companies, credit card companies – you name it.

Here’s the links:

Get Yourself Scam Free – Introduction

Lesson 01 – What is a Scam?

Lesson 02 – Cialdini and Influence

Lesson 03 – Maslow and your Motivations

Lesson 04 – Levenson and your Basic Desires

Lesson 05 – One Word Formula to Stop Telemarketers

Lesson 06 – Get Your Self Scam Free Recipe

Lesson 07 – Summary

Bonus: Make Your Self Recession Proof

And here’s a copy of the book preview hosted on Scribd:Get Yourself Scam Free – Handbook for Personal Freedom

Straight from the search engines:

3 charged in scam with 945 victims
by Shanghai Daily
By Angela Xu | 2010-2-23 | NEWSPAPER EDITION TWO Southeast Asians and a local man have been charged with operating an illegal business for doing foreign…

Oak Brook man gets 4 1/2 years in prison for stock scam
by Chicago Sun-Times
By DAN ROZEK Staff Reporter An Oak Brook man who sold shares of stock in a defunct company was sentenced today to 4 1/2 years in prison and ordered to pay… Crime & Courts –
The REAL Pennsylvania Slot Scam – Was $400000 the beginning or the …
by ceo
“Pennsylvania regulators fine The Meadows casino in connection with gamblers’ scam”…

Pure Acai Berry Elite Scam : Acai Berry Colon Cleanse
by admin
Pure Acai berry Elite is a really 100 % pure and safe approach for woman to lose extra weight rapidly. A high percentage of woman like to look fantastic for bikini period but some just want to take off that child extra fat they gain…

GIS News:Satellite imagery in land scam investigation
Satellite imagery in land scam investigation 22 February 2010. Karnataka, India: A central government appointed probe panel has found “sufficient evidence” of land grabbing against the controversial Karnataka High Court Chief Justice…

Sukhna Land Scam-Accused Lt.Gen Gets Another Chance To Prove Innocence
Sukhna land scam accused Lt. Gen. Avdesh Prakash gets two months to prove his innocence failing which he will be court marshalled. India Server -News –

Police investigate mystery shopper scam
by says any company making outrageous claims about earning potential or asking you to pay a fee to participate is a scam…

Twitter users not laughing at Lol scam
by Techwatch
The scheme is being referred to as the “Lol” scam, because it is set up with a message which starts with that phrase. Variants include “Lol, this you?…

Now for some postive links on how to live scam free:

Mob Grazing Reveals Inconvenient Stupidities

Mob Grazing solves our Climate Change problem by restoring the soil structure and sequestering carbon. Al Gore and his Climategate scandal just prove that government scams won’t be fixing their money-making scheme any time soon…
Tags: beef, book, Books, environmental activists, fed beef, government scam, grass fed, grass fed beef, greenhouse gases, management intensive grazing, mob grazing, raising beef cattle

Last words on self-help

Last words on self-help, sedona method, larry crane, hale dwoskin, alan watts, huna, and a host of others… Reason being is that I’ve gotten down to bedrock in this hole I’ve been digging and now it’s time to simply climb up and out.
Tags: book, Books, charles haanel, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, huna, lester levenson, max freedom long, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles

How would you like the solution… to everything?

Solving all your problems with Sedona releasing is simpler and more effective than generally understood. The subconscious quits affecting your life as you use it…
Tags: book, Books, freedom, haanel, huna, internet scam report, Sedona Method, subconscious

Do the Sedona 2-step …and go free

How the Sedona Method is as simple as two basic steps. So you can now get your own Happiness, Freedom, and Peace back by using these easy releasing techniques for your Self.
Tags: freedom, happiness, peace, release technique, Sedona Method

What we are all after is both different and the same

How can using the Sedona Method releasing technique gives all of us both different and same results – simultaneously. It’s all in the KISS BUTT approach you can use…
Tags: happiness, illness, KISS-BUTT, lester levenson, peace, personal freedom, release technique, Sedona Method

Good luck!


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February 23, 2010 at 12:56 am

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